What’s your role? Chief Lego maker and the reason this all happened.

What makes your agency special / outstanding / different? Daddy & Rachel mostly work from home, so they can help me build my Lego in-between important work and grown-up stuff.

How long have you lived in the local area? I was born at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, so I’ve been local since birth. I love all the parks, Walpole (Sand Park), Lammas, and Gunnersbury. The soft play in Dickens Yard is brilliant – I had my 4th Birthday Party in there. I also love the Pesto Pasta from Beehive, it’s my favourite!

Describe your approach to work (we can put a line through work and say Lego) in three words? I take my time, I don’t give up and I put the right parts in the places.

How do you think your Daddy and Rachel would describe you? Noisy and clever and funny. And I always wanting to learn new stuff.

What’s the best part of your job? Helping Daddy & Rachel on viewings so they can sell some houses and buy some more lego.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your role? I started school in September, so I might not be around as much to help out.

If you could give one tip to homeowners preparing to sell their property what would it be? Hire Daddy & Rachel.


How do you relax away from the office? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I love building lego. I love lego Technic. Some of them are for 8-year-olds so Daddy has to help me a bit. I love seeing my cousin Louis and having sleepovers with him. I go to lots of different soft plays, I like Kidz #1, Snakes & Ladders & Gambado.

If you hadn’t worked in the estate agent industry what would have been your dream job? I’m too small to work silly, I haven’t even started school yet. My dream job is to be a fireman – I dressed up as one and put out a fire at KidZania!!

Do you have a hidden talent / hobby you are passionate about? I love playing world maps on the iPad, I can pick out almost every country in the world. Daddy sometimes uses it as a party trick in the pub.