No matter which TV channel you switch on these days there seems to be a programme about dating, from Love is Blind and Love Island to the one that is always met with disbelief, Married at First Sight. Here contestants commit to marrying someone they have never met, and, before you gasp in horror, many buyers commit to making the biggest investment of their life to date by buying a property after the first viewing. With this in mind, what tips can you as a buyer learn from such dating shows in our Married at First Sight Ealing Home Edition.

The Wedding

You have been trying to find the ideal Ealing house match for weeks, maybe months and even years. Just like online dating, things can be equally frustrating: properties may not look the same as the photos or you don’t get that initial and all-important spark, and then you get a call to view a property that you have not seen, before it hits the Ealing market. You walk towards the property with trepidation, unsure what to expect, nerves are battering your stomach and you hope it is everything you imagined.

As you walk through the door, do you have butterflies? Is there a spark? Are you falling in love? First impressions are, of course, important, but do make sure you take everything into account so your heart doesn’t rule your head and you have disappointments down the line.

The morning after

Things always look clearer the next day, but with the current property Ealing market you may not wish to wait to make a move. It may not take until the next day for the cracks to appear in your love for the home; there may be things that will mean you have to compromise on your wish list, or the property could need some work. Just as nobody is perfect, a ‘perfect’ Ealing property can have one or two niggles, so always look at everything and only when you have the full picture can you be sure if this house is the new love of your life.

The dinner party

One of the events the contestants in the TV programme participate in is the regular dinner party, where they all get together to air their views and opinions. You will no doubt wish to discuss the Ealing property with your friends and family, and they will no doubt have a few things to say. Remember that they have not seen the house, so can only go from your feedback, but don’t let them cloud your judgement. You know in your gut if this is the one for you.

Commitment ceremony

Are you ready to commit to this Ealing property for the foreseeable future? It is decision time: are you going to say I do to this Ealing property you have only seen at first sight? If you have any questions, now is the time to get them answered; as well as asking advice from those close to you, you should also ask the experts. At Leslie & Co. we want you to ask questions, because the more you ask the more certain you will be in the decision you are about to make.

Final vows

Having an offer accepted is only the starting point for buying an Ealing property. You think finding an Ealing or Northfields property to love is hard. The sales process can shatter emotions, create issues and doubts, and put your certainty for this house of your dreams at risk. You need to keep reminding yourself of the importance of your feelings at ‘The Wedding’, acknowledge those morning-after thoughts and see the positives, consider those views expressed at the dinner party and how you made the decision to commit.

You and your new home will face some challenges in the years to come, and you will never forget the first time you met At Leslie & Co. we look forward to playing a part in your very own Married at First Sight Ealing Home Edition. Give our team a call on 020 3488 6445.