The last two years have been hectic for the Ealing property market.


But now, the Ealing market is slowing down, and homes are not selling as fast as they once were.


It’s also becoming harder to sell a home for a premium price.


Add to that the cost of living crisis and other global events hitting us in our collective pockets.


The good news is it’s still possible to achieve an excellent price for your Ealing home if the estate agent working with you knows how.


As the economy stagnates, Ealing homeowners want and need to get the best possible amount for selling what is often the most valuable thing they own (unless you have a Monte Carlo-moored super yacht, perhaps).


Working with an exceptional estate agent is the key to unlocking your Ealing home’s selling potential. Yes, we know, we would say that.


But particularly when every pound counts, selecting a skilled, experienced agent is a worthwhile investment.


Below are the three main reasons you need a value-for-money estate agent now, more than ever.


1)     Cheap agents cost more

If the cheapest agent charges a £1,000 fee but sells your Ealing home for £10,000 less than an agent whose fee is £3,000, who really is the cheapest? The best agents put more money in your hands.


2)     Your marketing matters

When buyers become less active, it’s crucial your property’s marketing is of a high standard. The best agents know this. Skilled agents build a buzz around your property that increases desire and demand by creating outstanding marketing and presenting your home in its best possible light.


When a property is in demand, it drives up the potential price.


The flip side of this is poor photography, lazy property listings and agents being reactive, not proactive. Ask any estate agent you consider selling with to share their marketing plan for your property. If they don’t have a clear, well-thought-out plan – run away.


3)     Negotiation nous

Agents who work off selling as many properties as quickly as possible, but for cheaper fees, often don’t have the will or skill to negotiate on your behalf. It’s simply not in their interest to do anything that would potentially make the selling process longer.


That pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap approach can cost you thousands of pounds. This strategy might work when selling baked beans, but it doesn’t help homeowners maximise their home’s value.


The best agents know how to attract the biggest pool of potential buyers, putting you in a position where you have multiple offers.  


And here’s where the art of negotiation comes into play.


A skilled agent will give experienced-based advice on which offer is your best option and advise you. They will then negotiate on your behalf to sell your home for the best possible price.


We’re here for the home sellers of Ealing & Northfields, now, more than ever.