A Spotlight on Paul Leslie

"Don't settle for what life gives you; make life better and build something" - Ashton Kutcher

Have you ever wondered what inspired me to launch an estate agency business? And the steps that led me to this destiny? Well, as it's my birthday month I thought that I'd share a snippet into the varied backstory that led to finding my big WHY and launching Leslie & Co.

It wasn't an obvious step when you look at my past experience:

- Art & Design college

- An accountancy firm

- A football association job

- A role in mobility services...

You could say I didn’t know which skills I wanted to harness to build a future. Outside of work, I played semi-professional football and had done for over 15 years. I loved it but that knew that it wouldn't be my end goal.

I started flipping houses with my brother and genuinely relished our little “side project”. I think this may have sparked the flame...

By the time I launched Leslie & Co, I’d already spent a couple of years working at a national estate agents. I’d been thrown in the deep end in that company and I’d swam. Despite only managing the doggy paddle in everyday life, I’d swam really well.

And despite not necessarily having the most positive experience of Estate Agency whilst there, it brought to my attention how much I enjoyed every aspect of property. Not just what my brother and I had been doing outside of our day jobs, but managing lettings, sales progression, business development, negotiations, plate-spinning, I loved it all.

And the ‘Aha!’ moment for me was I didn’t just love property, I cared about the journey that people go on when they work with an estate agent. I knew how to make that journey smoother and more enjoyable and I cared about making that smooth property journey a reality - not allowing it to become another stressful part of life!

Leslie & Co was founded in Lockdown 1.0.

I'd had a ‘Jerry Maguire’ moment and realised it was about fewer clients and brilliant relationships. By being less transactional with the way we worked, we’d increase those positive property journeys and build a legacy for working differently. I took the leap.

And the reason for the legacy?

Well, that’s where '& Co' comes in. Raff is the '& Co' and the reason for the legacy.

Raff is my ace little man. He might only be 4 years old but he is my world. He is my BIG WHY.

It Has To Be Ealing

Ultimately, I love what I do.

I feel lucky to live and work in and around Ealing. I feel passionately about the communities in the area and the amazing independent businesses based here.

I feel grateful to be the FIA representative for the area.

And I’m incredibly grateful for each client that chose Leslie & Co to help them in one of the most important, emotive but ultimately rewarding decisions of their lives.

My final thoughts

Launching in lockdown was crazy but it felt important to follow my dream.

I couldn't have done any of it without amazing family and friends behind me. But most of all, without this wonderful woman by my side, Rachel, thanks for all that you do!

Tell me: Did you always know what you wanted to do or be? How did you end up in your current career? I'd love to hear your story.

Thanks for reading and for your ongoing support, it means a lot.

- Paul